Counselling / Psychotherapy

How often, in this busy life, do we get to speak about ourselves and our problems without feeling we are being a burden, being judged or given advice?

Counselling and psychotherapy provide an opportunity to gain insight into emotionally distressing situations and so lead to discovering new strategies to living a healthier, more productive life. The terms counselling and psychotherapy are often interchangeable but on the whole counselling refers to shorter term work with a specific focus. Psychotherapy is longer term with a broader, more in-depth focus.

I am a qualified BACP registered psychotherapist / counsellor. My approach is integrative and I draw from a variety of disciplines in order to address the unique needs of each client. I work in a person centred way, that is I believe each client knows what the best solution for them is but may become blocked or overwhelmed and can benefit from exploring their issues with someone who will listen and reflect in an empathic, non-judgemental way to help them discover the right way forward.

My counselling practice is in Chesham, Buckinghamshire at Oasis well- being centre although I have national and international clients who I am able to counsel via Skype.

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